Police or Private Investigators


When AI leads the search for missing persons

About client

This solution can be used by the Police, when searching for missing persons. In addition to police forces, the solution is also suitable for private investigation companies and individual investigators.


Situation before

The search for missing persons is one of the most common situations that the Police deals with on a daily basis. The investigation is often complicated, there is a lack of clues and evidence. The situation can be further complicated by the weather, the terrain or the person being looked for. The police did not have an IT system that could predict the location of the missing person, based on various parameters relevant to the search.



To design a system that can predict, with a high rate of accuracy, the position of the missing or wanted individual.


We named the system Tamay. The system core is an AI engine.
It works with a number of quantities describing the personality , the circumstances and environment of the disappearance including geographical, daytime, weather conditions etc. A result emerges from complex logic built in between psychology, physiology, map and urban topology, statistics, mathematical logic. It uses Fuzzy Modelation, Neural Networks and Machine Learning. The output are multifaceted color diagrams in maps. The most typical depictions are "isochrons" depicting possible areas of a missing person´s position that evolve over time.


Colonel František Habada
Head of Operational Department of Police Presidium of the Czech Republic

"Tamay showed her role in the test operation, when it helped us find a lost German girl in Šumava. We obtained very valuable insight with Tamay, when the demanding circumstances of the search played against us."